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Mohamed AzimMohamed Azim
Client Strategy Manager

Mohamed , Client Strategy Manager for Redzone brings a deep and detailed knowledge of manufacturing within the Food & Beverage sector through years of experience in coaching continues improvement and as an operational leader. Through delivering goals, benchmarks, and a roadmap of exactly how and when results will be achieved, he has worked side by side with Redzone customers throughout their initial 90-day launch. Through his experience as both a solutions consultant and coach, Mohamed finds the greatest reward in watching the workforce become more engaged and empowered through the standard work and data driven processes that Redzone enables. He works closely with the leadership teams to ensure that results, such as lower operational costs and increased profitability, are achieved. Mohamed holds several accreditations in the field including being a Certified Continuous Improvement Manager (CCMI) and Certified Kaizen Facilitator (CKF). He has a Bachelor of Science from Rowan University in Mechanical Engineering and lives in the Greater Philadelphia area.