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Steve Moris Steve Moris

Program Manager for the Food Safety and Lodging Program
Kansas Department of Agriculture

Steve Moris is the Program Manager for the Food Safety and Lodging Program at the Kansas Department of Agriculture. He has been with the program since 2006. The Food Safety and Lodging Program is responsible for licensing and inspecting nearly 17,000 food establishments, food manufacturers, food storage, and lodging facilities. The program has 52 field staff and 11 office staff. Prior to his work at the Department of Agriculture he spent 16 years working for the Kroger Company in positions ranging from front-end clerk to store manager. In addition to the work Steve does to protect public safety in the state of Kansas he serves on numerous national boards. Steve is a Past President of AFDO, past President and current director at large for the MCAFDO board, on the CFP board, former steering committee member of FSPCA, and active member of many committees. Steve is a graduate of Kansas State University and much of his attention outside of work and family is spent attending sporting events at his alma mater.

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