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Roslyn StoneRoslyn Stone, MPH

Chief Operating Officer
Zero Hour Health

Roslyn Stone, MPH, is chief operating officer of Zero Hour Health, the industry leader in managing health incidents for many of the nation’s largest restaurant and food service chains.
Stone’s experience includes more than thirty years in the field of workplace health. At Zero Hour Health, Stone oversees medical crisis prevention and response services for more than 25,000 locations in the restaurant and foodservice industries, and major events like the Super Bowl. This month, Stone and team launched Zedic (, a new service to support emerging chains and smaller food service and hospitality businesses.
An industry thought leader in risk management and matters of public health, Stone is a sought-after speaker and panelist, presenting at the National Restaurant Association’s executive roundtables on food safety, quality assurance, human resources and risk management.
She is a regular presenter at industry conferences, including client conferences for Bloomin Brands, Shakey’s and Texas Roadhouse among others, FIRMA and at the Marsh Restaurant and Hospitality Risk Conferences. Additionally, Stone has held various industry leadership roles including, as a member of the Executive Committee of the CDC/ AMA’s National Flu Summit and as the chair of the CDC’s Workplace Flu Prevention Working Group.
Stone holds a bachelor’s degree from Union College and a Master’s Degree in Public Health in Epidemiology from Pace University.

Speaker on: S14: Hepatitis A and Food Establishments
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