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Patrick Guzzle Patrick Guzzle
Vice President of Food Science and Industry
National Restaurant Association

Patrick Guzzle is the Vice President of Food Science for the National Restaurant Association. He has been involved in retail food safety for over 20 years after his wife contracted E. coli O157:H7. His career in food safety began as an Environmental Health Specialist in Southeastern Idaho Public Health District. He later became the Environmental Health Supervisor and was involved in all aspects of environmental health. In 2004, Patrick was hired as the Idaho Food Protection Program Manager with the State's Division of Public Health. During that time, he served as President of the Idaho Environmental Health Association. In 2018, Patrick started Mountain West Food Safety LLC and was the Principal Consultant. In addition to helping several clients strengthen their own food safety efforts, Patrick regularly taught ServSafe® courses throughout Idaho and Eastern Oregon. Patrick has been an active participant in the Conference for Food Protection (CFP) and has served on several Committees, as well as Chairing Council II within the CFP. He served as Chair of the CFP from 2016–2018. He has received several commendations for his collaborative efforts with other organizations over the years. Patrick is an active member of the Association of Food and Drug Officials, the National Environmental Health Association, and the Western Association of Food and Drug Officials. He is also an adjunct professor of Public Health at Boise State University. Patrick holds an M.P.H., an M.A. degree in Anthropology, and a B.A. degree in Spanish, all from Idaho State University.