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Larry KeenerLarry Keener
President and CEO
International Product Safety Consultants

Larry Keener is president and chief executive officer of International Product Safety Consultants, Inc. (IPSC) based in Seattle, Washington. IPSC is a global leader in providing food safety and food technology solutions to the food processing industry for a broad client base of Fortune 500 food companies, academic research institutes and government agencies. IPSC is engaged in the conformity, risk assessment and food safety verification business.
Larry is an internationally regarded microbiologist and process authority in the food industry. As such, his areas of expertise range from applied food microbiology, and the development and application of novel preservation technologies including: high pressure processing (HPP), microwave, pulsed electric field (PEF), high powered ultrasound, atmospheric plasma and low energy electron beam technology.
Mr. Keener is a 2013 Fellow of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT); Board Certified Food Scientist (International Food Science Certification Commission); and a 2018 recipient of an International Union of Food Science and Technology’s (IUFoST) life time achievement award for his work in microbiology and food safety. He is a past president of IFT’s Nonthermal Processing Division and also a two term past president of Tuskegee University’s Food and Nutrition Sciences Advisory Board. He is the past co-chair and founding member of GHI. Larry is a 2022 inductee to the George Washington Carver Society. He has received numerous other awards and honors.