Food Safety Summit presented by Food Safety Magazine

John ButtsJohn Butts, Ph.D.
FoodSafetyByDesign, LLC

In 2010 FoodSafetyByDesign, LLC. was founded to help producers of high-risk products learn how to prevent and manage food safety risks. Risk identification and management by FoodSafetyByDesign incorporates root cause identification and development of preventative methodology. Dr. Butts’ specialty is the incorporation of Food Safety Practices into company culture. Preventative Controls have proven to be the most successful method to manage the risk of environmental pathogens and foreign materials. Root cause identification using the Seek and Destroy Strategy enables visualization of need. Controls deployed eliminate firefighting and the solving of the same problem over and over again. Interventions are used to eliminate pathogens in high risk areas. The company culture next moves into the preventative state and companies learn how to use data collected in their own facility to predict and prevent product contamination.