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Francis Adenuga Francis Adenuga
Vice President Technical Service (Quality and Food Safety)
Church Brothers/True Leaf Farms

Vice President Technical Service at Church Brothers True Leaf Farms, Salinas CA. with over 20 years’ experience in Fresh Produce and Fresh Foods.

My responsibility at Church Brothers/ True Leaf Farms covers quality food safety and Sanitation programs at all the processing and cooling facilities working with growers, cooling and shipping team in multiple regions.

I currently serves on various food safety-related technical committees in fresh cut produce and contributes to white papers on quality and food safety projects.

Education and Training
BS and MS degree in Food Science and Biotechnology from Alabama A&M University, with over 20 years in the Fresh Produce industry.

I love to jog and exercise. I also enjoy reading, watching movies, listening to music (Afro beats) and dance.

Looking forward to do more traveling to explore different parts of the world.

Job History
• Quality management at Dole Fresh Vegetables
• Operation and Post-Harvest Technology at Tanimura and Antle (T&A) Grower/Shipper Company, Salinas.
• Commodity and product manager at Taylor Farms, Salinas
• Director of Operation, Quality and Food Safety system at NewStar Fresh Foods/ Organic Girl.