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Christine Schindler Christine Schindler
CEO and Co-Founder

Christine Schindler is PathSpot’s CEO and Co-Founder, the leading health and safety operating system for smart restaurants and businesses that prepare and serve food. As a Duke-alum and Biomedical Engineer, she is passionate about utilizing engineering principles to make an impactful change in the world. She developed PathSpot’s flagship product, the HandScanner, to prevent foodborne illnesses by monitoring employee handwashing practices accurately and effectively.

Through Christine's leadership, PathSpot has grown to partner with thousands of businesses worldwide.The PathSpot HandScanner has protected 1.7 million meals through completed employee hand scans in the last year alone and has increased handwashing frequency at partner locations by up to 80% in just 90 days. As a result, Christine has dramatically impacted the restaurant industry, ensuring the safety of employees and customers, helping businesses save labor costs, reduce food waste, and increase profit.

Outside of her work in PathSpot, Christine mentors young entrepreneurs with the Clinton Global Initiative and serves on the Board of Directors for Aunt Flow, a female-founded company providing menstrual products to businesses and schools. Christine is also the founder of Girls Engineering Change, a nonprofit organization that seeks to close the 7:1 male-to-female gender gap in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields. The organization connects middle and high school girls with a network of college mentors who work alongside them on engineering projects to make a tangible impact in the world.

Christine has been recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30, Time Magazine Top Inventions, and Entrepreneur Magazine for her work and was recently named a Rising Star in Hospitality Technology Magazine’s 2023 Top Women in Restaurant Technology Awards. She is committed to improving our world by empowering those working in STEAM fields and is passionate about establishing a safer and more efficient industry for brands, employees and customers.