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Tuesday, May 7


Session 1: How to Prepare for, Manage and Survive a High-Profile Food Safety Crisis


  • James Marsden, Chipotle
  • Lone Jespersen, Cultivate Food Safety
  • Will Daniels, IEH
  • Angie Ames, Kwik Trip
  • Oscar Garrison, United Egg Producers
  • Robert McNaney, Padilla
  • Shawn Stevens, Esq., Food Industry Counsel

Session 2: Partners with a Common Purpose
There were no presentation slides for this session.


  • Mick Miklos, National Restaurant Association
  • Dionne Crawford, McDonald’s Corporation
  • Tara Paster, Paster Training
  • Courtney Mickiewicz, Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
  • Joseph Corby, Association of Food & Drug Officials
  • Laurie Farmer, Food & Drug Administration
  • Natalie Adan, Georgia Department of Agriculture
  • Randy Treadwell, Washington Department of Agriculture

Session 3: Getting Back to Basics


Session 4: Food Protection: Business Decision-Making for Intentional Acts including Food Fraud and Food Defense


Wednesday, May 8


Session 5: Foodborne Outbreaks in the News


Session 6: Foodservice/Retail Community Group
There were no presentation slides for this session.


  • Chirag Bhatt, RS, CCFS, Buc-ee’s, Ltd.
  • Gillian Kelleher, Wegmans Food Markets
  • Mahipal Kunduru, Ph.D., Topco Associates
  • Steven Lyon, Ph.D., Chick-fil-A, Inc.
  • Craig Wilson, Costco Wholesale Corporation
  • John Zimmermann, First Watch Restaurants

Session 7: Manufacturing/Processor/Supplier Community Group
There were no presentation slides for this session.


  • Will Daniels, IEH
  • Oscar Garrison, United Egg Producers
  • Joan Menke-Schaenzer, Van Drunen Farms/ FutureCeuticals

Session 8: Distribution Community Group
There were no presentation slides for this session.


  • Mary Lynn Walsh, Sysco

Session 9: Regulatory Community Group


  • Steve Mandernach, Association of Food & Drug Officials
  • Dave Nicholas, NY State Health
  • D. J. Irving, Tennessee Department of Health
  • Randy Treadwell, Washington Department of Agriculture

Keynote Presentation: What Will Drive Future Food Safety Progress
Michael Taylor,
Senior Fellow, Meridian Institute and Co-Chair of the Stop Foodborne Illness Board

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Session 10: Industry and Regulatory Perspectives on Produce Safety in 2019


  • Will Daniels, IEH
  • Mary Tijerina, FDA, CFSAN
  • Drew McDonald, Taylor Fresh Foods

Session 11: Validation and Verification of Processes


Session 12: Innovative Social Media and Digital Tools to Reduce Risks


  • Steven Lyon, Ph.D., Chick-fil-A, Inc.
  • Davis Addy, Chick-fil-A, Inc.
  • Dan Tew, YUM!
  • Lauren DiPrete, MPH, REHS, Southern Nevada Health District

Session 13: Playing Nice in the Sandbox


  • Chirag Bhatt, RS, CCFS, Buc-ee’s, Ltd. (moderator)
  • Mary Lynn Walsh, M.S., R.D., Sysco Corporation
  • Charles Leftwich, Sysco Corporation

Session 14: Whole Genome Sequencing: How Is It Being Used? Is it Revolutionizing Food Safety?


Session 15: Proposition 65 – The Confusion, Chaos and Conflict made Clear


Session 16: Difficult-to-Inactivate Microorganisms: Challenges and Strategies


Session 17: Food Allergens and their Control in 2019 – Where Are We Now?


Thursday, May 9


Session 18: Where Are We Now? FSMA Food Safety Plans in 2019


Session 19: Ensuring Effective Food Safety Programs with Your Co-Packer


  • Dr. Don Jones, Atkins Inc.
  • Brian Perry, TreeHouse Foods
  • Craig Henry, Intro Inc.

Session 20: Blockchain Technology for Food Safety


Session 21: Microbial Interventions What Technical Things Do People Want to Know About?


Session 22: The “Who”, “What” and “How’s” of the Sanitary Transportation Food Act (STFA)


Session 23: Lessons Learned — FSMA Third Party Audits and Voluntary Qualified Importer Program


Session 24: Active Managerial Control in a Foodservice/Retail Setting


  • Hal King, Ph.D., Public Health Innovations, LLC.
  • John Zimmermann, First Watch Restaurants, Inc.
  • Shannon McKeon, Fairfax County Health Department
  • Chirag Bhatt, RS, CCFS, Buc-ee’s Ltd (moderator) 

Session 25: Raw Agricultural Commodity vs. Ready to Eat – Blurred Lines?


Session 26: Hot Topics: What’s Keeping Food Safety Professionals Up At Night?


  • Joan Menke-Schaenzer, Van Drunen Farms/FutureCeuticals (moderator)
  • Shawn Stevens, Food Industry Council, LLC
  • Thuy Vu, Hammer Enterprises Integrated Solutions, LLC
  • Steven Mandernach, AFDO
  • Donna Schaffner, Rutgers University
  • Will Daniels, IEH, Inc.
  • Dane Bernard, Bold Bear Food Safety
Tech Tent Presentations

Wednesday, May 8

Food Safety & Traceability with Microsoft ERP
Johannes Gudmundsson, Founder & CEO of iNECTA

CompuClean Sanitation Management System
Michael Fabian, Manager of CompuClean, Spartan Chemical Company, Inc.

Hidden Insights - How To Go Paperless & Unlock the Power of Your Plant Data
Dave Detweiler, SVP Business Development - SafetyChain Software
Brian Sharp, President - SafetyChain Software

Innovation and Technology in Food Safety: Current Use and Future Impact on the Food Industry
Robert Prevendar, Global Managing Director, NSF International

Thursday, May 9

Productivity at the Expense of Food Safety: NEVER!
Ken Fisher, Senior Solutions Consultant, Redzone Production Systems

New Solution for Norovirus and HepA Detection
Aaron Huckabee, Director of Sales, Eurofins Technologies North America

Drowning in Data? How to More Effectively Manage Your Quality-Related Data
Kimball Nelson, Sales Engineer in Product Management, RizePoint

Supply Chain Technology: Solving Your Business Challenges (and Saving Your Sanity)
Bryan Cohn, Food Safety Solution Engineer, FoodLogiQ   Download handout


Solutions Stage Presentations

Wednesday, May 8

The Lean Approach to Optimize and Improve Efficiency for Pathogen and Quality Indicator Testing in a Food Microbiological Laboratory
Mohammed T. Ahmed, Certified Lean-Six Sigma Black Belt, Lab Consultancy Manager, bioMerieux

NSF/H1 Food Machinery Lubricants: Understanding the Basics
Ellie Girard, OEM Marketing Analyst, LUBRIPLATE Lubricants Company

What Do Consumers Want in the Age of Transparency?
Katy Jones, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, FoodLogiQ

2nd Party Audits and its Role in Food Safety
Jennifer Morecraft, Director, Supplier Assurance Programs - Supply Chain Food Safety, NSF International

Product Quality is a Team Sport
Kannappan Manickam, Global Managing Director, TraQtion
Patrick Pimentel, Food Safety Consulting, NSF International

Foreign Material Contamination: Considerations for Performing an Investigation When Confronted with a Legal or Insurance Claim
David W. Riggs, BS, PE, Business Unit Manager, Eurofins SF Analytical Laboratories

Bolstering Your Sanitation Program with Chlorine Dioxide Gas
Kevin Lorcheim, Sr. Manager, ClorDiSys Solutions, Inc.

Thursday, May 9

Q&A with the 2019 Sani Awards™ Winners
SaniProfessional & Awards Winners

Food Service Gloves – How Effective are They in Protecting You from Foodborne Illnesses?
Esah S. Yip, D. Sc., Director, Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council

Never Fear Another Food Safety Document Audit Again
Chris Long, CEO, Pacific Coast Essentials

Filth Fly: The Underestimated Pest
Thomas Dobrinska, Technical Services Manager, Rentokil Steritech

Preventing Product Recalls Thru Machine Vision
Dwight Turner, Regional Sales Manager, Mettler Toledo Product Inspection

Chemical, Biological and Physical Hazards: Latest Trends and How to Manage Them
Ron Stakland, Sr. Director of Business Development, FoodChain ID

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