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EcoClear’s Deep Cleaning and Disinfection Service for Protecting Your Facility

AFCO/Zep’s EcoClear Division deep cleans condenser and evaporator coils, chillers, cooling towers, and refrigerated transport trucks to improve their energy efficiency. To help protect your business and reduce exposure to harmful microorganisms, we also deep clean and disinfect frequently-used areas in sports arenas, schools, and offices. As part of Zep’s AssureTM Program, EcoClear has developed a consistent methodology to clean, sanitize and protect, gained from years of experience and a toolbox full of specialized chemistry and equipment. We will develop a cleaning protocol that effectively addresses your microbial mitigation needs, helps reduce risk of spreading infection, and works within your facility’s schedule.

Ken Farmer
VP EcoClear Division

Ken joined AFCO in 1996 as an Account Manager for the Southeast US. Later, he became a Regional Vice President for AFCO Food & Beverage. With the recent acquisition of EcoClear, Ken is now the Vice President of AFCO’s EcoClear Division.