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Calendar IconWednesday, May 12, 2021Time Icon2:30 PM- 3:30 PM


S8: How to Effectively Work with Departments in Your Company

Since we are all on the same team, why is it so hard to pull in the same direction? As the data-driven people at the table, we can’t understand why others won’t listen when we speak. Turn the tables and speak in terms that resonate: ROI to the finance team, EQ to the HR team, efficiency to Operations and so on. What gets measured gets done; what are the KPIs that resonate across department boundaries and bring different teams together? Join the conversation with the cross-functional panel and let’s get the party started.

Sharon Beals, Senior VP, Food Safety & Quality, CTI Foods
Cindy Gillespie, Vice President, Human Resources, Amy’s Kitchen, Inc.
Craig Bacon, Senior Vice-President of Technical Services, Simmons Foods
David Norton, President, SYSCO Specialty Meat Companies
Katya Forsyth, Diversity and Leadership Consultant, Consulting by K