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Calendar IconWednesday, May 12, 2021Time Icon2:30 PM- 3:30 PM


S7: What Information to Use, and What to Communicate During the COVID-19 Crisis

The public expects all companies to run a safe business for employees and customers, and to provide safe, wholesome products, regardless of any weather event, disruption or crises. Over the years, the Food Industry has been able to meet these expectations consistently and communicated to reassure employees and customer that its locations are safe to visit, and the food is safe to consume. The COVID-19 worldwide Pandemic challenged the food industry to meet these expectations as it that was not only a highly contagious disease and could be deadly, but also new. That meant that food companies, and QA professionals, not only couldn’t rely on well-established scientific facts to understand it’s spread or proven practices to control it; but had to discern between contradictory and variable information to make decisions and reassure both, employees and customers. In this session we will hear how Food Safety & QA professionals from different segments of the food industry navigated these challenges and their experiences. The Speakers will share what worked, what didn’t and the lessons learned for future events. The Q&A portion will set up an exchange of best practices that can help food safety and QA professionals improve their crises communications response plan.

Jorge Hernandez, VP, Quality Assurance, The Wendy's Company
Mahipal Kunduru, PhD, Vice President, Quality Assurance, Topco Associates

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