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Tuesday, May 9 | WORKSHOPS


W1: Got Root Cause?

W2: Developing Food Safety Leadership Skills–Building the Workforce of Tomorrow

W3: Recent Advancements in Sanitation for the Prevention and Control of Food Safety Hazards

W4: Demystifying AI and Harnessing Data to Advance Food Safety

W5: Looking Forward and Looking Back: How Companies Can Establish a Robust and Compliant Traceability Program


Wednesday, May 10 | SESSIONS


S4: Pathogen Genomics–What makes an Organism a Pathogen

S5: Mock Outbreak Investigation for Food Safety Professionals

S6: Cold Chain Management as a Business and Category Builder

S7: What is Happening in the World of GFSI?

S8: Salmonella in Poultry - Proposed Regulatory Changes and Intervention Strategy Advancements

S9: Insights on IoT Devices and Robotics to Improve Process Efficiency

S10: The Supply Chain–Ranking Suppliers and Monitoring Execution of Food Safety Specifications


Thursday, May 11 | SESSIONS


S12: Social Media in Food Safety–Friend or Foe?

S13: The Rise of Cannabis in the Food Industry

S14: Challenges Related to PFAS in Packaging

S15: Understanding Residual Risk

Town Hall: Q&A with Regulators and Advisory Groups

S16: Food Safety Culture: What Is Really Going On in Today’s Leading Restaurant, Grocery and Convenience Store Brands?

S17: Measure What You Treasure–Assessing Food Safety Culture and Its Impact

S18: Reducing Food Loss and Waste (FLW): Understanding How Food Donation, Supply Chain, and other Initiatives can Impact Communities

S19: Foundational Imperatives–Sanitary Design in Retail and Restaurant Facilities



Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. | CompuClean Sanitation Management System

QAD Redzone | Quality Systems Excellence: Connections Delivering Improvements

SafetyChain | Driving Real-Time Food Safety Reporting and Accountability Through Digital Plant Management

Registrar Corp. | FSVP and Traceability: Managing Your Supply Chain with New FDA Mandates

KipTraq | Using KipTraq to Solve All of the Problems

MilliporeSigma | ReadyStream: The Next Era in Media Preparation

FSS Inc. | A Better Mousetrap

Trustwell | FSMA 204: Food Traceability is a Team Effort



bioMérieux, Inc. | Game Changing Approach to Improve Food Safety and Quality

Share-ify & Performance Food Group | Advanced Strategies to Maximize Value out of Compliance

CMX1 | Getting to a Single Source of Truth in Food Quality and Safety

NSF | 25 Years of Food Safety: How Far We Have Come and Where We Are Going

FlexXray, Inc | Production and Potential Economic Impact Associated with Foreign Material Contamination

DNV | Contract Manufacturing and Compliance Challenges

LUBRIPLATE Lubricants Company | NSF/H1 Food Machinery Lubricants: Understanding the Basics

MilliporeSigma | FSIS STEC Guidance: Testing Solutions to Meet Evolving Regulations and Consumer Demand

IFC | Prevention and Remediation of Pathogen Challenges in Food Processing Plants

Sani-Mantic | Cabinet Washers: An Advanced COP Cleaning Technology