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Thank you for attending the 2022 Food Safety Summit. To download the presentation slides (pdf) either click on the speaker name or session title. If there is no link no slides were used and/or available.

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Tuesday, May 10


Opening Workshop 1: Mock Civil Trial 2.0

  • Shawn Stevens, Founder, National Food Industry Lawyer Food Industry Counsel, LLC
  • Joel Chappelle, Food Industry Lawyer, Food Industry Counsel, LLC

Workshop 2 & 4: Cybersecurity and What it Means to the Food Safety Professional

Workshop 3: Internal Audits, Moving Beyond a Checking the Box Mindset

  • Jen Fernan, J&J Snack Foods Corp.
  • Michael White, J&J Snack Foods Corp.
  • Joseph Meyer, Kerry
  • Kara Mikkelson-Baldus, Hydrite

Workshop 5: Effectively Communicating with the Regulatory Community

  • Craig Wilson, Costco Wholesale
  • Steve Mandernach, Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO)
  • Jorge Hernandez, The Wendy's Company
  • Will Daniels, AgroThrive, Inc.
  • Mark Moorman, CFSAN, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Philip Bornstein, Ph.D. Food Safety and Inspection Service, USDA
  • Moderator: Oscar Garrison, United Egg Producers


Wednesday, May 11


Session 1: What makes a good leader? Lessons, feedback, and a call to action from leaders in food safety

  • LeeAnn Jaykus, North Carolina State University
  • Laura Dunn Nelson, Alchemy Systems
  • Sharon Beals, CTI Foods
  • Mark Moorman, Office of Food Safety at FDA
  • Moderator: Eric Moorman, Ph.D., Butterball, LLC

Session 2: Food Donations: How Edible Food Waste can be Used to Curb Food Insecurity

  • Jeremy Zenlea, EG America/Cumberland Farms
  • Franck Lamour, EG America
  • Wayne Melichar, Feeding America

Session 3: Food Safety Culture: Theory into Everyday Actions

Session 4: Co$t of Foodborne Illness and Related Impact

Keynote Presentation: The Future of Food Safety Culture: Commitment and Collaboration

  • Conrad Choiniere, Ph.D., Director of the Office of Analytics and Outreach, FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
  • Donald Prater, D.V.M., Associate Commissioner for Imported Food Safety, FDA Office of Food Policy and Response
  • Matthew Lash, Esq., Assistant Director, DOJ Consumer Protection Branch
  • Michael Roberson, MS, CFS, CP-FS, Director of Corporate Quality Assurance, Publix Super Markets, Inc.
  • Moderator: Shawn Stevens, Founder, Food Industry Consultant and Lawyer Food Industry Counsel, LLC

Session 5: Development of Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS)

Session 6: Foodborne Outbreak Investigation 101

  • Bonnie Kissler, MPH, USDA
  • Andrea Cote, DVM, MPH, Food Safety and Inspection Service, USDA
  • Laura Gieraltowski, PhD, MPH, Division of Foodborne, Waterborne and Environmental Diseases, CDC
  • Katherine Kreil, MPH, GWCPM, CORE/CFSAN/FDA

Session 7: Virtual Tools for Food Safety Assessments: Lessons Learned and Best Practices

  • Jorge Hernandez, The Wendy’s Company
  • Roberto Bellavia, Kestrel Tellevate
  • Natalie Adan, Georgia Department of Agriculture
  • Mike Williams, The Wendy's Company

Session 8: The New Frontier for Food Safety in Produce: Data Driven Analytics and Insights Enhancing Traceability and Food Safety Programs

Session 9: Improving the Future of Recalls

  • Steve Mandernach, JD, Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO)
  • Jennifer Pierquet, Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO)
  • Mitzi Baum, Stop Foodborne Illness
  • Lisa Hainstock, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

Session 10: Food Safety for Smaller Operations – Wearing All the Food Safety Hats at Once

Session 11: Moving Forward after Novel Outbreaks

  • Michael Bazaco, FDA
  • Stephen Hughes, FDA
  • Katherine Marshall, CDC
  • Laura Grunenfelder, FDA
  • Moderator: Mark Moorman, FDA

Session 12: Microbial Challenge Studies: Putting The Pieces Together


Thursday, May 12


Session 13: Leadership through the Lens of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

  • Joan Menke Schaenzer, Van Drunen Farms/FutureCeuticals
  • Jorge Hernandez, The Wendy's Company
  • Gillian Kelleher, Kelleher Consultants LLC

Session 14: Understanding Risk Assessment and Interventions

Session 15:Improving Food Safety Culture in YOUR Work Environment

Session 16: FDA Tech-Enabled Traceability – Build Your Own Blueprint

  • Mark Moorman, FDA
  • Andrew Kennedy, Food Traceability Consultant

Town Hall:A Conversation with Top Regulators and Advisors

  • Frank Yiannas, Deputy Commissioner, Food Policy & Response, Food and Drug Administration
  • Rob Tauxe, M.D., M.P.H., Director, DFWED, NCEZID, DDID, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Steve Mandernach, Executive Director, Association of Food & Drug Officials
  • Sandra Eskin, Deputy Under Secretary for Food Safety, United States Department of Agriculture
  • Moderator: Gary Ades, Ph.D., President, G&L Consulting Group

Session 17:Food Safety as a Supply Chain Management Problem

  • John Spink, Ph.D., Michigan State University

Session 18: Modernization of the Inspection Process

  • Roberta Wagner, Consumer Brands Association
  • Patrick Guzzle, National Restaurant Association
  • Dionne Crawford, McDonald's
  • Mark Speltz, Iowa Department of Inspections & Appeals Food and Consumer Safety
  • Steve Mandernach, JD Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO)

Session 19: Managing COVID in the Wake of Post-Pandemic Life

  • LeeAnn Jaykus, Ph.D., North Carolina State University

Session 20: Food Safety: It's a Business Fundamental

  • Sharon Beals, CTI Foods
  • Omar A. Oyarzabl, Ph.D., EAS Consulting Group
  • Jeremy Zenlea, Office of General Council, EG America
  • Paul Hoffman, Plumrose

Closing Session: In the Trenches with Sanitation: Challenges and Key Learnings from Solving Problems in the Field

  • Joe Stout, President, Commercial Food Sanitation
  • Eric Moorman, Ph.D., Corporate Manager of Food Safety and Scientific Affairs, Butterball, LLC


Tech Tent


CompuClean Sanitation Management System
Michael Fabian, Manager of CompuClean, Spartan Chemical Company, Inc.

ReadyStream: The Next Era in Media Preparation
Tim Cser, Senior Technology Specialist, MilliporeSigma

How to Use Technology and Automation to Prioritize Your Top Food Safety Threats
Ron Stakland, Senior Business Development Director and Supply Chain Risk Subject Matter Expert , FoodChain ID

Dry Peracetic Acid: Getting Down to the Granular Level
Joseph Donabed, Director of R&D, Enviro Tech, an Arxada company

Live Demo - From Paperless Data Collection to Continuous Improvement in a Unified Plant Management Platform
Bryan Cohn, Sr. Solution Engineer, SafetyChain Software

Improved Safety and Profitability Belong Together
Doug Lawson, CEO, ThinkIQ

How the Most Successful Quality and Food Safety Leaders Think About Technology, and What You Can Learn from Them
Mitch Porche, CEO, CMX

The Clock is Ticking: Technology to Effectively Manage Recalls
Todd Dolinsky, Chief Product Officer, FoodLogiQ


Solutions Stage


Changing the Game: Custom Diagnostic Solutions Become a Reality for the Food Industry
Dr. Vik Dutta, Sr. Director Scientific Affairs, bioMérieux; Heath Lafevers, Business Development Manager, bioMérieux

How Managers Can Make Digital Records Usable for Operators
Kevin Davies, CMO, Provision Analytics

Delta Zero: Protecting You From ‘Shitty’ Gloves - Literally
Steve Ardagh, CEO & Founder, Eagle Protect PBC

NSF/H1 Food Machinery Lubricants: Understanding the Basics
Ellie Girard, Southern California District Manager, LUBRIPLATE Lubricants Company

Food & Beverage Industry Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities
Tracy Fink, Manager II, Food Safety Consulting North America, NSF International

Breaking the Chain of Norovirus Transmission: Best Practices and Innovations for Control
Chip Manuel, Ph.D, Food Safety Science Advisor, GOJO Industries

One To One Employee Training: Letting Go of Past Practices
Lute Atieh, Director of Training Solutions and Development, Valor Manufacturing Training

Now is the Time to Get Proactive with Rodent Exclusion
Dave Colbert, Vice President of Sales, Xcluder

Protecting Infant and Toddler Health: Testing Solutions to Meet Evolving Regulations and Consumer Demand
Yanqi Qu, Ph.D., Food & Beverage Safety & Quality Technology Specialist, MilliporeSigma

Smarter Food Microbiology with MALDI-TOF MS – a rapid identification method for bacteria, yeast & mold
Gongyi Shi, PhD, Director, Scientific Affairs Microbiology & Diagnostics, Bruker Daltonics, Inc.

Quality Systems Excellence: Connections Delivering Improvements
Mohamed Azim, Client Strategy Manager, Redzone

Stop the Mop – When it Might Transmit Pathogens in Your Restaurant
Hal King, Ph.D., Managing Partner, Active Food Safety; Founder/CEO, Public Health Innovations (Contec)

Food Safety Management System Case Study: Using Microsoft 365® to Improve Compliance
Joseph Tell, Principal, Kestrel Tellevate LLC (KTL)

The FDA Compliance Monitor: Secure Cloud Platform for FSMA & FSVP Requirements
Coley Anderson, Industry and Government Relations Marketing, Registrar Corp.