Tamara Mullin is currently the Director of Safety for FOODWORKS where she oversees food safety procedures and builds upon them to create food safety programs, training, and compliances. Before this, she was the FOODWORKS District Manager. Tamara obtained her degree from the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts in 1993. Tamara has been working in corporate dining since 1997. She has managed multiple corporate kitchens, rolled out café concepts, and created menus with recipes focused on customer needs.

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In this episode of Food Safety Matters, we speak to Tamara [10:15] about:

  • The history of FOODWORKS
  • How FOODWORKS helps local communities
  • Amenities for their restaurant and host partners
  • How FOODWORKS interfaces with health departments
  • FOODWORKS locations across the country
  • Leveraging resources to help small businesses
  • Impact of COVID on the process
  • Partnership opportunities and how to get started
  • Food code challenges
  • Sharing food safety “tricks of the trade”
  • Incorporating food safety training
  • Standards for acceptance into the program

News Mentioned in the Episode:

FDA Expands Partnerships in California to Enhance Food Safety [4:32]
​CORE Outbreak Investigation Table Issued by FDA [7:10]

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