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Calendar Icon Monday, May 4 & Tuesday, May 5  Time Icon9:00am - 5:00pm

Converting HACCP in Preventive Controls/HARPC

This workshop is designed for participants wanting assistance with developing and implementing the specific required elements of the FSMA Food Safety or HARPC Plan to completion. The flow and content of this course is an alternative way to re-learn or refresh the PCQI’s knowledge and understanding of how to develop a robust FSMA Food Safety Plan. PCQI’s will get additional education, real examples, and advanced knowledge on what elements are required to be in a Preventive Controls Food Safety Plan. They will walk away with a clear understanding on when to apply Preventive Controls effectively and what documents and records must be included.

Designed to help PCQIs that need to convert their existing HACCP Plans into a FSMA Food Safety Plan (aka HARPC): this new course focuses on properly identifying food safety hazards, identifying which control measures are needed, and developing a comprehensive Hazard Analysis and robust Preventive Controls. By using real food processing examples, the participant can better relate to the material and bring newfound knowledge into their job function.

Lead Instructor:

Nancy Scharlach, President, FSMA International, LLC

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