Food Safety Summit

Food Safety Summit

Calendar Icon Monday, May 4 & Tuesday, May 5  Time Icon9:00am - 5:00pm


Certified in Comprehensive Food Safety (CCFS)

The CCFS study course and credential provide a strong core knowledge base for food safety professionals who perform the primary function of overseeing production, processing, and manufacturing environments of the U.S. and imported food supply. It has been designed to meet the increasing need for highly qualified food safety professionals from both industry and the regulatory community that provide oversight in preventing food safety breaches at U.S. production and manufacturing facilities and abroad. The participant learns not only the Preventive Controls and Foreign Supplier Verification programs, but how to create food safety plans that meet the requirements.  
The course will give participants the in-depth knowledge necessary to be a qualified individual (QI) in developing, deploying, managing, and inspecting food safety plans for food products and facilities in the U.S. and abroad.
The credential, for those who apply for and pass the assessment, demonstrates to all that the holder has mastered the knowledge needed to create, manage, or audit a facility’s food safety system.

Lead Instructors:

Tara Paster, Paster Training, Inc.
Melissa Vaccaro, BSEd., MS, CP-FS, CPFM, Vice President of Consulting, Paster Training, Inc

Important Notes: Includes the CCFS Study Manual, a $209.00 value. The CCFS Manual will be shipped prior to the class. Students should go through the book and be familiar with the materials before arrival. Individuals interested in taking the CCFS or CFSSA exam at the Summit must apply directly to NEHA and submit their application, fees, and required documents by April 1, 2020. Please email or call 303-756-9090, ext. 339, if you have any questions.

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